Welcome to 「漢字 だいすき (= I love Kanji)」page!

Kanji (the adopted Chinese characters) is an essential part of learning how to read and write in Japanese. I am a strong believer that learning Kanji is fun and exciting when we understand the origin and story of how each Kanji characters were created. For this reason, I always introduce to the students the original shapes.

This video focuses on learning Kanji for big and small.

  • “Big” = 大きい (o o ki i)
  • “Small” = 小さい (chi i sa i)

Please use this video to practice listening, reading, and writing at home. It is perfectly fine for you to simply listen to this video. The students will improve their listening skills through watching this video multiple times at home. You and your child may also read along with me by repeating, which will help them to improve their oral language.

Thank you!