*H (hiragana recognition practice)    HW(hiragana writing practice)

*K (katakana recognition practice)    KW(Katakana writing practice)

*HV (basic Hiragana Vocabulary practice) * KV (basic Katakana Vocabulary practice)

*Basic Phrase (BP)

Free Japanese learning games Apps

How to use: 15 min a day. Read an AIUEO book or sing an AIUEO song after the game

くーびーともじあそび (audio)

  • あいうえおゲーム(H) FIND AIUEO: Choose the letter Kuby character said.
  • そらとびゲーム(H) FLY WITH LETTERS: Choose all the same letters Kuby said
  • しりとりゲーム(H & HV) ROLLER COASTER:Pick the word first. When new words appear, pick the one starting from the same letter as same as the last letter of the previous word. Repeat. Don’t pick the word starting from N ん
  • もじたたきゲーム(HV) WHAC-A-LETTER:Find a missing letter of the word by hitting the right letter coming up from the ground.
  • ことばゲーム(HV) WORD GAME:Choose the right word for a picture.
  • なぞりがきゲーム(HW)BALOON TRACING:Trace the letter as you break balloons

For parents:

-you can choose the letters for the games in the setting

-you can see which letters your child missed

-you can switch the letter to Katakana

たのしいひらがな FUN!HIRAGANA with English translation (audio)

たのしいカタカナ FUN! Katakana (the same format as hiragana version)

  1. Let’s write (HW): Trace the letter by following the object. Pick the letter among others.
  2. Let’s play (HW):

Dot to Dot: Pick how many minutes you will play (5,10,15, and 20 min)

You touch the letter in order from the letter she says to make a picture.

  1. Setting (parents access)


Free Japanese learning games websites

Japanese games: Degitaldialects.comwith English directions (audio / hiragana, katakana, and romaji)

  1. Learn Hiragana alphabet quiz (H)
  2. Learn Katakana alphabet quiz (K)
  3. Basic Japanese phrases game (greetings & WQ)
  4. Colors in Japanese fun quiz
  5. Animal vocabulary online game
  6. 1-12 Japanese numbers game
  7. Fruits and vegetable words game
  8. Japanese Vocabulary game 1 (BV)
  9. Japanese Vocabulary Quiz 2 (BV)
  10. Japanese phrases game 2 (travel phrases & greetings..romaji)
  11. Days and months in Japanese (romaji)
  12. Numbers in Japanese 13-20 (romaji, kanji)


Free Japanese dictionary Apps

Japanese more than a dictionary

  • Over 175,000 dictionary entries and 58,000 example sentences
  • Handwriting recognition: wrte any kanji in any stroke order and have Japanese decipher and display the most likely kanji or kana
  • Text reader: input long text and see it translated into its constituent parts.
  • Study tools: flashcards, text-to-speech, JLPT
  • Offline mode

Japanese learning websites (for Advanced learners)

おうちで学ぼうNHK for schools






・理科4年生:電気エネルギー (short videos, supplements & teaching aids)


・理科:電磁石・どうして前へすすむ (short videos, supplements & teaching aids)


・理科(幼稚園・1年生):かげのふしぎ(short videos, supplements & teaching aids)  https://www.nhk.or.jp/rika/endless3/?das_id=D0005110390_00000

・理科(幼稚園・1年生):ひなたと日かげ (short videos, supplements & teaching aids) https://www.nhk.or.jp/rika/endless3/?das_id=D0005110391_00000

・理科(幼稚園・1年生):光はどこから (short videos, supplements & teaching aids) https://www.nhk.or.jp/rika/endless3/?das_id=D0005110392_00000

・理科(1年生):音のふしぎ (short videos, supplements & teaching aids)


・日本語(幼稚園から2年生):できた! (short videos, supplements & teaching aids)





・日本の話:お話の国 (short videos, supplements & teaching aids)



・NEWS WEB EASY NHK やさしい日本語で書いたニュース